Development Process

Development Process

SSCAFCA recommends a pre-submittal meeting with developers/municipalities to discuss developments adjacent to SSCAFCA property or planning to discharge storm water to SSCAFCA right-of-way.

Contact our Development Review team to discuss!


Development Process Manual / Hydrology Manual

Standard Drawings

Drainage Policy

Sediment & Erosion Design Guide

Lateral Erosion Envelope (LEE)

Development Submittal & Frequently Requested Forms

Other Reference Materials

Development Process Manual / Hydrology Manual

Updated March 2021! Manual for Hydrologic Calculations within SSCAFCA’s jurisdiction.

Effective immediately, the new guidance should be used to perform hydrologic calculations for any SSCAFCA project. SSCAFCA will continue to accept hydrology calculations based on the current version of the City of Rio Rancho/SSCAFCA Development Process Manual (DPM) for development or capital projects requiring joint SSCAFCA and City approval.  The Manual for Hydrologic Calculations was originally approved by the SSCAFCA Board of Directors in April 2020.

Hydrology Manual can be downloaded HERE

Hydrology Manual Appendices can be downloaded HERE

DPM Chapter 22 can be downloaded HERE

Drainage Policy

Except as permitted by this policy, the natural topography, drainage pattern and perviousness of any lot, tract or parcel of land within the territory of the Authority may not be altered by grading, filling, excavating, or subdividing.

No plat, replat, summary plat, development plan or subdivision of any land within the territory of the Authority may be approved by the governing authority of a public body without SSCAFCA’s written approval. Applications for plat, summary plat, replat, development plan, or subdivision approval filed with any public body must be accompanied by certain submittals to SSCAFCA, as spelled out in SSCAFCA’s Drainage Policy.

Drainage Policy can be downloaded HERE

Lateral Erosion Envelope (LEE)

SSCAFCA defines the LEE as the area adjacent to unlined or natural arroyos or drainage ways that has the potential to be
disturbed by erosion, scour or lateral migration caused by storms up to and including a 100-year storm.

The LEE has been incorporated into the City of Rio Rancho’s Flood Hazard Prevention Ordinance.  All proposed developments within the LEE should comply with local ordinances.

SSCAFCA periodically updates the limits of the LEE to reflect current infrastructure, etc.  For the most recent LEE extents in your project area, contact SSCAFCA’s Development Review team.

LEE Informational Brochure can be downloaded HERE


Drainage Information Sheet

Grading and Drainage Plan Checklist

Drainage Report Checklist

Erosion Control & Stormwater Pollution Prevention Checklist

Other Reference Materials

SSCAFCA Quality of Life Master Plan for Watershed Parks

SSCAFCA Maintenance Access & Trails Master Plan

Rio Rancho, NM Code of Ordinances, Chapter 152: Flood Hazard Prevention

Rio Rancho, NM Code of Ordinances, Chapter 153: Erosion Control; Storm Drainage

Rio Rancho, NM Code of Ordinances, Chapter 154: Planning and Zoning

Rio Rancho, NM Code of Ordinances, Chapter 155: Subdivisions

SSCAFCA Resolution 1992-8: Greenbelt Concept

SSCAFCA Resolution 2001-6: Drainage Design Criteria for Roadway Projects

SSCAFCA Guidelines for Allowable Velocities in Piping Systems

Mile High Flood District Criteria Manual

HEC-15 Design of Roadside Channels with Flexible Linings