Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance


The primary goal of SSCAFCA’s maintenance is to ensure that all the facilities and floodways under its jurisdiction can contain, control, and allow flood waters to pass in a safe efficient manner. SSCAFCA facilities are typically left as natural as possible allowing for multi use by the community and local habitat. This type of natural environments means that native plants as well as invasive species will be present as seen in most open space.

Clean out maintenance to SSCAFCA’s facilities is conducted twice a year, pre monsoon (first of the year to June) and post monsoon (Sept to end of year). These facilities include: Ponds, dams, channels, and arroyos which are located within either an urban or rural setting and are generally identified by a five strand barbless fence, sign, and a blue gate (in order to insure the facility is SSCAFCA’s responsibility please call the office at 892-5266). Ponds, dams and channels will fall under the twice a year maintenance schedule but arroyos will be patrolled periodically to ensure that the floodways are cleared of any obstructions.




SSCAFCA maintenance activity – Week of May 18, 2020

Below is a listing of planned SSCAFCA maintenance activity locations.  Activities may include vegetation management, sediment clearing,...