Projects Archive

Projects Archive


Montego Ct. Drainage Improvements


Comanche Easement maintenance
Acapulco Rd. Improvements
Enchanted Hills Dam maintenance
Alberta Watershed Improvements, Phase 2
Bosque de Bernalillo Water Quality Project


Facilities Maintenance Fall 2016
Gateway Pond
Removal of debris in drainage easement
Monsoon maintenance
Enchanted Hills Dam 1
LEE Brochure
ACEC Award
Join our Ribbon Cutting
New Name: for the Upper SLO Dam
National CAD Standards


Black Arroyo Ribbon Cutting
Harvey Jones Channel Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
There is no poop fairy
Patchogue Project Complete
Lower Montoyas Water Quality Feature update
SSCAFCA MS4 Annual Report
Silting basin rehabilitation
Pet Waste Pilot
Patchogue Road Culvert Crossing
The Lower Montoyas Water Quality Feature
Corrales Heights Drainage Improvements
Harvey Jones Channel Improvements


2015 Land & Water Summit
EPA Municipal Seperate Storm Sewer System (MS4) DRAFT Annual Report
SSCAFCA joins Rio Rancho’s Toss No Mas
Rainfall July 2014
Free Rainwater Harvesting Workshop
ICIP 2016-2020 Summary
Public Meeting Black Arroyo Trail Project
Lower Montoyas Water Quality Project Public Hearing
2014 Middle Rio Grande Low Impact Developements


Draft Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) 2015-2019
MS4 draft annual report
Roskos Field Haynes Park Renovation
Black Arroyo Wildlife Park Master Plan
Black Arroyo PTO Presentation
Black Arroyo Open Space Master Plan 2nd Public Meeting
Harvey Jones Channel Meeting Comments


Harvey Jones Channel Improvements
Unser Boulevard Corridor
Urban Ponds
Tree Farm Pond – 2000
Roskos Field Pond and Haynes Park Wetland
Sportsplex Dam – 2008
Sunset Pond
Guadalajara Storm Drain Improvements, Phase 1A
Obregon Pond – 2009
Bat Houses
Bosque Clean Up
Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful