Know Your Arroyos

Know Your Arroyos


Walkin’ In Arroyos Rap Video

We worked with Girl Scout Troop 10292 to develop a video to reach middle-school age kids. It’s a catchy “rap” with lyrics designed to remind kids how to stay safe while having fun in and around our arroyos. Enjoy!


Have Fun Be Safe Arroyo Safety Video

Rio Rancho High School’s Tree Stewards worked hard to develop a message for their peers about how to stay safe in and around arroyos, especially during the rainy season.


Arroyo Safety Video for Kids


Arroyo Safety Activity Book for Kids

Arroyo Safety Activity Book


Respect Arroyos Video for Kids


Download Our Arroyo Safety Brochures

Arroyo Safety Brochure

Flash Flood Safety Brochure

Monsoon Safety Brochure

Debris Safety Brochure