About Us

About Us

Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority (SSCAFCA) is an independent corporate political body with an elected board entrusted with flood and storm water control. Established by New Mexico Statute Section 72-19-1 through 72-19-103 in 1990, we acquire, improve, maintain and operate flood and storm water control facilities on streams and watersheds that enter, originate in or cross our area of authority.

Our Mission is to:

Protect citizens and property by implementing proven flood control solutions that:

  • manage our watersheds prudently for future generations
  • enhance the quality of life
  • create the most appealing multi-use facilities
  • set an example of quality, integrity, leadership, and professionalism
  • educate the public concerning flood hazards
  • administer public funds prudently

SSCAFCA Goals and Commitments:

Goal #1:

To provide flood protection up to the 100 year storm for the public health, safety and welfare of residents and properties within its boundaries.

Goal #2:

To recognize the value of land purchased or controlled for floodways as areas with multi-use potential.

Goal #3

To reduce sediment and erosion within the boundaries of the flood control authority.


Goal #4:

To assist in the coordination of flood control with other entities for the common good of the public.


Areas of Authority

The boundaries of the authority are as follows: a portion of southern Sandoval county bounded on the east by the Rio Grande, on the south by the Bernalillo and Sandoval county lines, on the west by the top of the Rio Puerco drainage and on the north by the top of the drainage that lies on the southern boundary of the Zia Indian reservation, the Santa Ana Indian reservation and state highway 550.