Watershed Park Management Plans

Watershed Park Management Plans

Our plans for managing watersheds define a process for maintaining, protecting and restoring the natural resources within each watershed while also enhancing the quality of life in the included communities. Each identifies and prioritizes necessary improvements to the watershed in order to provide flood protection up to the 100-year storm, reduce erosion, improve water quality, and to actualize the multi-use potential of publicly-owned flood control property.

Comprehensive Management Strategy for Arroyo Corridors

For access to previous (archived) versions of these plans, please contact SSCAFCA.

Watershed Name


Date Revised

Appendix/ Figures


Black (Hydrology Only) PDF 03/2021 call SSCAFCA call SSCAFCA
Calabacillas (Interim Report) PDF 02/2015 PDF1 PDF2 call SSCAFCA
Coronado (formerly “Unnamed Watershed”) PDF 05/2023 call SSCAFCA
La Barranca PDF 08/2022 PDF call SSCAFCA
Montoyas PDF 04/2021 Appendix A-G, Appendix H, Overview Maps call SSCAFCA
Rainbow Tributary PDF 10/2004 N/A
Venada call SSCAFCA
Willow Creek PDF 02/2013 PDF call SSCAFCA
Zia PDF 12/2020 call SSCAFCA