Ms. Marquez is an experienced senior leader with a successful performance record in managing large multi-million-dollar programs nation-wide for FEMA Headquarters, FEMA Regions, and various State and local agencies for over 38 years. Her achievements were built on a foundation as a senior mitigation engineer with FEMA Region IV in Atlanta, Georgia for over 13 years before moving into the private sector. These accomplishments included site development for both residential and commercial developments, and performing flood risk analyses. Bel continuously fostered a robust quality culture within company and program teams by developing Quality Assurance documents utilized to reduce rework; thus saving time and money.

During her tenure of working in emergency management, she responded to many major presidentially declared Natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and major flooding events) that included Hurricanes Mathew, Hugo, Andrew, Floyd, Katrina, Rita and Sandy, and the Cerro Grande wildfires. She often relocated to the disaster areas to assist the State and local governments by successfully managing mitigation projects, overseeing staffing resources, funding, and work processes for recovery efforts.

Bel is internationally recognized in floodplain management for effecting Federal policies, procedures, and products to reduce risk to life and property. She has presented technical papers at State, National and International conferences.

Bel received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University in 1985. She is a native New Mexican having grown up in Bernalillo and currently resides in Corrales. Bel is very aware of the unique flood hazard conditions that occur in the arid Southwest and the challenges they present. She is a registered New Mexico Professional Engineer, Project Management Professional, and a Certified Floodplain Manager.