In response the recent storm on July 26th, SSCAFCA mobilized work crews early the following morning, Saturday July 27th, to begin cleaning and restoring all of our facilities to readiness should another storm hit.  During the monsoon season, we can see storm after storm and our first priority was to make sure we were ready to handle the possibility of another storm as early as Saturday night.  In addition to this work, our crews also assisted the Village of Corrales clear roads so that people trapped by the large amounts of sediment could safely leave their homes.  This work has been ongoing and continues as of the date of this posting, August 5th.  SSCAFCA staff have also been responding to flood concerns and meeting with residents to assess and triage the flood damage so that the resources available could address the most serious needs first.


Regarding the storm event itself, it is important to understand that this was a storm of unprecedented ferocity.  In addition to record breaking amounts of hail and wind speeds of almost 90 miles per hour, our evaluation of the storm data indicated that rainfall in excess of 3 inches fell on parts of the Village within 2 hours.  You can see a map of the storm even here. This storm event was the equivalent to a 1,000 year, 2 hour storm event in parts of the Village.


Here is a summary of current and short term work being completed by SSCAFCA:


  1. We have restored every SSCAFCA flood control facility to readiness for the next storm.  This includes repairing erosion damage, cleaning out excess sediment and cleaning the inlets into each facility.
  2. We have assisted the Village of Corrales in cleaning and restoring the local flood control facilities on Angel Road, Camino de la Tierra and Tierra Encantada.
  3. We have made on-site inspections of every area affected by the flood, including the Loma del Oro area and Hollywood Rd., as well as visiting with every residents affected by flooding to discuss our activities and next steps.
  4. We are mapping out all of the flood damage and are working closely with the Village to identify a comprehensive plan of flood deficiencies within the village along with potential solutions.
  5. We have begun making modifications to certain inlets that were overwhelmed by the storm flows in order to make them less susceptible to clogging, including the large inlet below Corrales Heights Dam.
  6. The next SSCAFCA Board meeting is this upcoming Friday, August 9th, at 9:00 AM.  We will be providing an overview of the storm event and response activities taken.

If you would like to report flood damage or have additional questions, please contact us at 505-892-7246.