This year the MRGQST awarded a grant to engage high school students in creating a peer relevant video on stormwater quality. Students from Sue Cleveland, Rio Rancho and Bernalillo High School worked through a variety scenarios in an attempt to capture the audience’s attention on the relevance of water quality. They began with a grand vision of the apocalyptic proportions in the “Zombie POOPocalypes”, where mutations could occur if humans didn’t do their part to keep stormwater clean. This came from the discovery that stormwater in the Middle Rio Grande goes directly to the river through channels and arroyos. This water isn’t treated in a waste water treatment plant so biological contaminants along with other items the rain water picks up can affect drinking water and the water in our rivers. But after much consideration and script revisions the students narrowed the scope of the video to reflect a very simple thing each of us can do to keep the Rio Grande.

Click on the video to check out the 2013 High School Stormwater Quality-Message.
For a short music video version click on the video below.

Thank you to the students who worked to create the video, the Intel Computer Club House of Bernalillo, the in-kind support of local business and non-profits.